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37 year old "stay at home mom" presented for evaluation. She wanted to improve the appearance of her abdomen and breasts after multiple pregnancies. She was unhappy with the excess loose skin on her abdomen- with stretch marks. She described her breasts as"deflated" following her pregnancies. This patient wore a B cup but wanted to be a small D to improve the proportions of her body. The "after" pictures below are three months following breast lift / mastopexy, standard abdominoplasty with muscle tightening (anterior rectus fascia plication) and breast augmentation. She had an uneventful recovery, and returned to all her normal lifestyle activities including rigorous exercise 4 weeks following surgery. PROCEDURE NOTES: This patients procedures included Mastopexy - Wise pattern incisions (anchor) to improve nipple position and restore breast shape. A dual plane technique breast enlargement (partial submuscular) with 375cc Mentor smooth round, Moderate Plus Profile silicone gel implants was used to enhance shape, projection and volume. A standard Abdominoplasty with anterior rectus fascia plication for diastesis (muscle separation of the midline) repair was also performed. All procedures were performed in our fully licensed and accredited ambulatory surgery center under general anesthesia.


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