Dr. Stile - Plastic Surgery Reviews

Speaker 1: Dr. Stiles is the unique individual, that he's kind, compassionate, that he would not embarrass me, and that was important to me because I did not want to expose myself to somebody that would say, "Are you kidding? I'm not going to work on you." He's got class. He's got style. The whole place looks wonderful. I trust him. Speaker 2: Dr. Stile has a great attention to detail in his perfectionism makes him a expert in his profession, and because of that he does a fantastic job. Speaker 3: Dr. Stiles' obsession with detail is something that you don't see in most plastic surgeons. I feel that sometimes you go in and you're just another appointment and another surgery. The amount of time that he spent on me actually made me want to refer him and recommend him to all of my girlfriends that were thinking about surgery as well. Speaker 4: I recommend him without reservation. Speaker 5: I have recommended him to many people that I know. Speaker 6: Dr. Stiles is really good at what he does.