Dr. Stile - Mommy Makeover Surgery

I selected Doctor Stiles to be my surgeon because of the work he had done on my sister, and how happy she was with the end results, as well as I knew he could make me feel better and help me as well. Also, because I have done some research, of course, on doctors, and he takes pride in his work and his reviews are outstanding. Doctor Stiles has a great attention to detail and his perfectionism makes him an expert in his profession. Because of that, he does a fantastic job. What made me want to have plastic surgery ... this was not the first time go around for me. I had this procedure done a couple times with not-so-happy results. After coming across Doctor Stiles, I felt very confident that he could finally make me feel better, and fix what needed to be fixed, and he did. Also, I'm a proud mother of four, and I worked hard to get where I'm at right now, and I needed a little extra help, and I knew that he could also help me that way too. I am very ecstatic that I finally did it, and the results are exactly what I wanted it to be.