Premium Surgical Services Center

I'm Dr. Stile. I'd like to take a moment to discuss something as important as choosing the right doctor. Selecting the surgery center your procedure will be performed at can have serious implementations. You've thought about your procedure for a long time. You've researched your doctor's credentials. And you've had your consultation. But how much time have you spent thinking about the place your actual procedure will be performed? If you're like most patients, probably not a lot. The operating room that your surgeon has selected for you is just as important as the doctor you choose to do the actual surgery. With this critical fact in mind, I believe it was important to design and build a facility that would specifically serve the unique needs of cosmetic surgery patients. So I did just that. I designed and built one. My center, Premium Surgical Services, is a private freestanding ambulatory surgery center. My center is truly state-of-the-art. Others might make that claim, but I challenge you to compare our center to any other. My center is licensed by the state of Nevada as an ASC for all patient surgical procedures. Premium is also accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, sometimes referred to as JACO. The Joint Commission was created with the primary goals of promoting optimal hospital outcomes and safety in the delivery of patient care, using standardization and accreditation requirements nationally. I am the only cosmetic plastic surgeon in Nevada who has a center that holds both these accreditations. The accreditation and licensing process is complex and very expensive. Maintenance of these licenses is extremely demanding. Our dual accreditation means that our center is inspected twice yearly by these two independent agencies, ensuring our patients the highest standards are met in the delivery of their care. Our experienced professional staff of doctors, nurses, and surgical technicians care for our patients every step of the way. Your anesthesia will be administered by a doctor who's board-certified and in good standing with the American Board of Anesthesiology. All of the center's equipment is new and in fact state-of-the-art. Our continued compliance with both strict state and federal requirements makes our patients more comfortable and confident on surgery day. My nursing staff is extremely well-trained and dedicated to providing my patients with the personal attention, professionalism, and service they deserve. Patients will receive the specialized care they cannot get at understaffed and crowded public facilities. We do not rush to send our patients home after their procedures. Extended recovery times are common. Because I take infection control seriously, I can proudly say that the center has a facility acquired infection rate that approaches 0. Prior to surgery we test all of our patients for MRSA and other infectious agents. Only patients in good health are cared for at the center. This, along with meticulous attention to instrument processing and sterility protocols, make this possible. I am extremely proud and honored every time a patient trusts me with their care. My unfaltering dedication to your excellent results and safety is what makes me worthy of your confidence. Please ask for a tour of our facility during your consultation, or call to schedule a visit any time. If you want more information about our facility or my practice, you can visit one of our websites at, that's, or I look forward to seeing you at your surgery day.