Are You An Ideal Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Jessa Hinton: Hi, I'm Jessa Hinton, and I am here with a good friend and plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Stile. Dr. Frank Stile: Hey, Jessa, how are you? Jessa Hinton: I'm doing good. How are you? Dr. Frank Stile: I'm great. Jessa Hinton: I'm gonna ask you a few questions, and just give me your honest answers. Dr. Frank Stile: Always. Jessa Hinton: Thank you. First question is gonna be, who is the perfect patient, or who is an ideal candidate for plastic surgery? Dr. Frank Stile: That is a great question. I've been doing this for a while now. What I've found is that a well-read, healthy, motivated patient usually does the best. We live in a unique time right now, where patients have unbelievable amounts of information available to them right at their fingertips via the internet. A patient should really take some time to research whatever procedure they might be interested in before seeing a plastic surgeon. What's most important is that a patient has a good understanding of what the procedure actually is, what a procedure will and will not do for them. They need to have their expectations set appropriately. They also need to know things like recovery time, what the possible risks are for these procedures. Armed with all of that, when a patient comes in for their actual consultation, they'll be able to really make that final decision as to whether or not they should commit to a procedure. If their expectations are set appropriately, and they're motivated, they'll do well. I hope that answers your question. Jessa Hinton: It does, thank you.