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Dr. Frank Stile knows that serious thought goes into something as important as aesthetic aspirations, with perhaps the most substantial factor being the cosmetic plastic surgeon to enact it. To help you with your choice, Dr. Stile has consolidated real testimonies of his practice, both past and present, so you can successfully envision just how his work may benefit you. Dr. Stile is a prominent and accomplished cosmetic plastic surgeon who has succeeded with countless cases of cosmetic improvement. With these testimonials, discover how he can help you with your aesthetic aspirations, too.

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jul 06, 2017

I am very happy with the overall treatment I received from Dr. Stile and his wonderful staff. The results of my tummy tuck are just amazing. The only regret I have is that I had not heard of him sooner. My self-esteem has improved drastically. Dr. Stile, I am forever grateful for your surgical gift. Thank you for taking part in improving the quality of my life. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Apr 17, 2015

Love my mini tummy tuck, after having 2 C sections and working out and not being able to loose unwanted pouch and skin, I decided to get a consultation from Dr. Stiles, within a week my procedure was scheduled and procedure completed. I have had such an amazing experience with Dr. Stiles and his staff. My tummy looks amazing even if it is still a little swollen. I haven't seen my tummy like this since I am 22 years old. I cannot thank everyone enough for their professionalism and guidance. Amazing experience and amazing recovery. I will always use Dr. Stiles and recommend him to all of my friends and family. Thank you so very much Dr. Stiles Pauline Gaumond More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 22, 2015

I have gotten a tummy tuck and breast augmentation done by him and my results are amazing! The scar is so low I can wear any swimsuit I want and my breasts look super natural and a better version of what they were before kids! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 13, 2014

This is hands down one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. His tummy tuck work is phenomenal (just YouTube it!) -- his breasts implant augmentations are very natural looking and sit right. Silicone implants feel much more realistic than Saline, which is what I got!! He recommended me a size that wasn't crazy too big, so I settled with 405 CCs with the high profile shape. 6 months later, my areola incisions are virtually invisible.. I took care of my body and it healed proper like Dr. Stile said.. It's those out there who don't take care of their body after surgery and complain about scars not healing properly... LOOK IN THE MIRROR. YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK TOO! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Aug 27, 2014

Excellent surgeon & bed side manner. My breasts look great, under the muscle - and you can't feel them ANYWHERE! They sit perfect, wonderful Doctor I am so happy with my results. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Aug 08, 2014

I had my tummy tuck on Monday 21th of July and the staff was Excellent Dr.Stile was Excellent. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jun 22, 2013

Dr Stiles is an amazing surgeon. When I told people who was going to perform my breast aug. I was shocked to learn how many of my friends have been to him. First thing that came out of their mouths "He's a perfectionist" (I can't speak for everyone but for myself,... absolute music to my ears!) The results: I can't agree with them more! I had to have medical clearance with my primary Dr due to ongoing health issues and when I told my primary Dr who I was planning on going to, Dr. Stiles was on his top 3 picks. Its been about a week and a half since surgery, and all is well. My "twins" are settling in nicely and I am very happy. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Stiles! He's simply amazing. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Feb 28, 2013

I recently had my breast implants exchanged to 550cc High Profile Saline.At the same time he removed scar tissue from prior surgeries. I couldn?t have asked for a better result. Dr. Stile did an amazing job and I am so glad I chose him to perform my surgery. I?ve had several breast surgeries by other surgeons in the past and this by far has been my best experience. I would recommend Dr. Stile to anyone considering plastic surgery. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jan 22, 2013

It's been 3 months since my tummy tuck. Dr. Stile performed such an amazing job! I am so impressed and happy with my new look. Not only do I have a perfect flat tummy after 4 children, I have built up such confidence within myself. I enjoy life much more. I would recommend Dr. Stile to anyone. I have been to many plastic surgeon offices and by far I feel the most comfortable with Dr. Stile and his team. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring to suit each ones individual needs. More

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