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Dr. Frank Stile knows that serious thought goes into something as important as aesthetic aspirations, with perhaps the most substantial factor being the cosmetic plastic surgeon to enact it. To help you with your choice, Dr. Stile has consolidated real testimonies of his practice, both past and present, so you can successfully envision just how his work may benefit you. Dr. Stile is a prominent and accomplished cosmetic plastic surgeon who has succeeded with countless cases of cosmetic improvement. With these testimonials, discover how he can help you with your aesthetic aspirations, too.

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Review from C.S.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jun 25, 2018

I am a 61-year old woman, who because of the skilled hands of Dr. Stile, now looks 45 years old. And that is no exaggeration! I speak from experience, as follows: I have had a rhinoplasty (Sacramento, Ca), breast augmentation (Reno, NV), a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift (Sarasota, FL), and most recently an eyebrow lift, mini facelift, and liposuction to the thighs (Dr. Stile.) So, I know a little about plastic surgery. I visited Dr. Stile, for the first time, in early February 2018, specifically for a mini face lift and liposuction to the waist. While I was consulting with Dr. Stile, I asked candidly for him to take look at my face and suggest other procedures, if any, from which I may benefit, considering my age, and the age I appear to other people. I was particularly concerned about a sagging jaw line. Dr. Stile agreed a mini facelift would help, and he also suggested a browlift. Because this was the first time I will have had a procedure performed by Dr. Stile, I made clear to Dr. Stile that I didn't want to end up with a stretched looking jaw line/lower face or any freaky looking eyebrows. He reassured me that I should be very pleased with the results. Well, he was right!!!!!!!! I opted for a mini face lift, an eyebrow lift, and liposuction to the thighs. (I initially wanted liposuction to the waist, and later decided I also wanted liposuction to the thighs. Because Dr. Stile stated that four procedures will be too much for the body, I decided to lipo the thighs this time and do the waist later.) Anyone who has had plastic surgery will tell you the challenge is always the recovery process. It basically took me about ten days before I felt able to attend to house chores and resume working from home on my computer. With respect to the recovery, I needed to wear the Spandex stretch garment on the body for two weeks and a similar stretch band from the top of the head to the neck for also two weeks. The stitches over the eyes were miniscule and once taken out and healed, no scars are visible at all. With respect to the face lift, again, no scars are visible at all. (Dr. Stile cuts at the front of the ears and at the nape.) I wish to emphasize that during my follow-up visits, with Dr. Stile, when I had any concerns about how things were looking; for example, my smile was askew or the fact I was seeing no visible results from the liposuction to the thighs, Dr. Stile reassured me to give it time to see the full results. Well, he was right, again! I have a beautiful smile, and I definitely see my thighs are skinnier than before the procedure.! More specifically, both men and women are shocked to know that I am 61 years old. A lot of younger men approach me, thinking I'm anywhere between 45-50 years old! I've had cocktail waitresses and bartenders ask me, "Are you really 61? I don't believe it. Who's your doctor?" My point is, Dr. Stile knows his stuff!!!!! Go to him, listen to him, and do everything he tells you to do.  If you do these three things, you will be one happy camper!!!! Oh, and by the way, as an added bonus, the entire office staff working for Dr. Stile is unmatchable: they are always available to answer your questions, always polite, and always attentive to your needs. More

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