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Reviews for Breast Augmentation with Lift Procedures Near Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Frank Stile knows that serious thought goes into something as important as aesthetic aspirations, with perhaps the most substantial factor being the cosmetic plastic surgeon to enact it. To help you with your choice, Dr. Stile has consolidated real testimonies of his practice, both past and present, so you can successfully envision just how his work may benefit you. Dr. Stile is a prominent and accomplished cosmetic plastic surgeon who has succeeded with countless cases of cosmetic improvement. With these testimonials, discover how he can help you with your aesthetic aspirations, too.

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Review from L.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Mar 23, 2017

So Awesome, I referred my friends! - I had been thinking about getting a breast augmentation since I had my children and they sucked the life out of my chest. =) I told my husband I was ready and he asked me, "Well, who has implants that you want to look like?" I named a good friend of mine and he responded, "Wait? She has breast implants?!!" That's exactly why I picked Dr. Stile. I am a mother and a professional so filling up the girls was all I was looking for (no bolt-on boobs). My first meeting with Dr. Stile was easy peasy. I did my research and watched his videos on his website. He was funny, charming, professional and made me feel very comfortable. He spent about on hour with us. I picked out my size and set my surgery up for 3 weeks later. The night before my operation, he called to check in on me. He assured me that I'd have amazing results, he was taking care of that. =) My job was to get a good nights rest and prepare to relax. When I arrived at the surgical center, we were greeted by the nurse. Shortly after, Dr. Stile came in to my room, sat down and we talked again about the procedure, shored up size, laughed, he drew all over me and that was that. He was very comforting, conversational and his demeanor helped ease the little bit of nerves that I did have. You can't hep but feel like you're in excellent hands with Dr. Stile. Post-op, Dr. Stile did come to visit me a few times, I only remember one though. I had given him a range on CC's and told him to "get in there and do what you need to to make it look amazing!". I only remember him telling me how many CC's and then off he was again. My husband said he had come by 3-4 times total. His office staff is accessible. Everyone is so easy to talk to and willing to help. I'm less than 1 week post-op so still early in my recovery. I'm excited to see what my results will look like! I've already referred a couple friends to Dr. Stile who are meeting with him in the next few weeks! More

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